Aquatec Orca Bath Lifts – Freedom To Enjoy Peaceful Bath

Aquatic orca bath lift is the blessing for the people having a mobility problem. It is an outstanding solution for them to enjoy a wonderful relaxing bathing experience. It is a high-quality portable reclining bath lift with design requiring less space. It ensures the user gets utmost engagement and legroom in the bath. It comes with the most updated techniques with two-piece design allowing quick folding for transportation and storage. You can easily set it in just a few seconds. The Orca bath lifts are the first-class quality, an ergonomic bathing solution that amalgamate the best safety features and improved comfort with convenient handling. A person with up to 140 kg weight can use the lift and for heavier people XL version is available. It is durable due to its superior quality. It is very easy and time –saving to clean as comes with a smooth surface. It has an integrated neck support to make it easy to operate. It is a very prevailing bath lifter with auto unlock structure for

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